Tax Specialist - Preventing and Solving Tax Problems

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My practice is focused on helping clients get the most out of their financial resources, using tax-informed approaches, smart planning and accurate accounting, and solving problems that arise.

After thirty years preparing taxes and providing tax advice for family and friends, I have spent the last three years helping a growing group of clients – both paid and pro bono – with their tax planning and preparation and financial planning. Accurate tax filing prevents problems before they arise.
I am licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, which means that I can represent you as a taxpayer in the process of an exam or audit, preparing to put the best case forward for your facts and circumstances, then advising how to escalate an audit through local IRS field management, working to minimize the bite of collections on tax and interest, and appealing the findings and penalties from the audit through the IRS national appeals process. The goal is to solve your tax problems at the least feasible expense to you in time, disruption, and cost.

For businesses, I offer accounting services to help you understand how your business is doing, and how to use your system of books and records to most accurately portray your business to others, such as a bank. I can help QuickBooks users clean up accumulated problems, and prepare your records for speedy and accurate filing at tax time. I can also provide additional business analysis and modeling to help you find the key levers to get the most out of the business you run.

Minimizing the impact of taxes – state, local, federal, international – requires careful plans and actions long before the push to file during tax season. My work with clients uses a full year focus on tax planning. It can include a midsummer review focused on current and future year tax planning, a year-end touch up to make sure that plans are on course and year-end opportunities are taken, and at filing time, a thorough approach to ensure strong backup for what you file.

I hope you will contact me so we can assess your needs. We can meet at your home or office at a time that works for you.

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Tom Figgatt, Sr


Specializing in taxpayers from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey